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Release Date - 10/7/22

Double colored vinyl LP pressing. Following the success of NieR: Glory to Mankind, Rozen and Reven are back for their second studio album as a duo, this time tackling the Kingdom Hearts saga. Kingdom Hearts is full of classic dichotomies (good vs. Evil, light vs. #dark), unexplained lore, time travel, interconnected characters, and above all excellent music. All of which makes it the perfect ground to explore with multi-genre, large-scale arrangements. The Keyblade War weaves along the boundary between light and darkness using themes from across the series, from the heart-pounding "Destati" to the melancholy vocals of "Sanctuary -After the Battle-." All music arranged and produced by Rozen and Reven. Featuring performances by the Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir, along with returning collaborators ETHEReal String Orchestra, Ro Rowan, Kristin Naigus, and more.


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