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Release Date - 9/30/22


Acclaimed producer/multi0instrumentalist, who has worked with Ambrosia, Keith Emerson, Carl Palmer and more, composed and performs this symphonic soundtrack inspired by Robert Jordan's best-selling high fantasy book series!

The Wheel Of Time series has sold over 90 million copies, making it one of the best-selling fantasy book series of all-time! Berry's score brings the books to life with bold war marches and emotionally poignant moments!



  • 1 A Theme for the Wheel of Time
  • 2 Return to Emonds Field
  • 3 Song for Moiraine
  • 4 Traveling the Ways
  • 5 Spears and Buckler
  • 6 Dream Walker
  • 7 The Knowledge of the Wise Ones
  • 8 The Winespring Reel
  • 9 The Hall of Tar Valon
  • 10 Valon
  • 11 Search for the Black Ajah
  • 12 Ladies of the Tower
  • 13 The Game of Houses
  • 14 Voage of the Sea Folk
  • 15 Heart of the Wolf
  • 16 Journey Through the Waste
  • 17 Lan the Warder
  • 18 March of the Trollocs
  • 19 Rand's Theme (Fanfare for the Dragon Reborn)
  • 20 The Aiel Approach (Dahl of a Chant)

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