Discwasher RD2047Z D4+ Vinyl Record Care Refill Cleaning Fluid for RD1007Z

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Discwasher RD20472 D4+ Vinyl Record Cleaning Solution Refill .50 ML

The Discwasher RD1047Z D4+ Record Care System Refill removes pesky dust, dirt, and fingerprints from your vinyl records. It is ideal for use with all kinds of vinyl records and the RCA vinyl record card system. This 1.69 oz. refill ensures that cleaning your vinyl records will bolster efficient playback and performance.

Product Features

Spray bottle

1.69 oz. (50 mL) cleaning spray

Removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints from vinyl records

Ideal for use with all vinyl records and RCA vinyl record care systems

Bolsters playback and performance


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