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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2021 release from the celebrated roots rock band. Marking the band's eighth studio release, the songs on this record speak not only to Chadwick Stokes' and Brad Corrigan's personal evolution, but to human nature itself, charting a course from denial and resistance to growth and acceptance through deep introspection and empathetic character studies. For Stokes and Corrigan, the only constant these past few years has been change - marriage, birth, death, departure - add to that an exceedingly tense political climate, long-overdue reckonings on racial justice/gender equality and a runaway global pandemic and you've got Break Our Fall, an album that enriches Dispatch's distinguished legacy, on which the depth and breadth of the band's stunning songwriting is displayed in full force.



  • 1 May We All
  • 2 All This Time
  • 3 One By One
  • 4 As Old As I
  • 5 The Legend of Connie Hawkins
  • 6 Silent Type
  • 7 Break Our Fall
  • 8 Second Class
  • 9 Promise Land
  • 10 Born on Earth
  • 11 Greta
  • 12 Elevator Operator
  • 13 Stoned Enough to Gather in the Night
  • 14 The Poet Nurse and the Identical Queen
  • 15 Pour Into You
  • 16 Connie (Outro)


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