GrooveWasher G2 Record Cleaning Fluid Kit (2 oz Spray & 4 oz Refill)

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  • 2 oz bottle of G2 Record Cleaning Fluid, with mist spray top.
  • 4 oz bottle of G2 Record Cleaning Fluid. To refill the 2 oz mist spray bottle.
  • Label protector mask. Keeps your record label dry when using the mist spray.

From the Manufacturer:

This G2 Fluid kit is for record lovers who already have a GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Kit. Or have a vintage Discwasher brush that is in excellent clean condition. Or maybe you're curious about G2 Fluid and want to give it a try with your preferred record cleaning method.

GrooveWasher G2 Fluid is the result of years of our research and testing. The formula was guided by the D series fluids of the 1970s. G2 is perfectly safe for vinyl records. The ingredients are balanced for effective cleaning without the need for rinsing. Evaporates quickly after cleaning per instructions. Anti-static action on contact. Honest cleaning to release the honest sound of the recording.

G2 Fluid does not fix scratches or scuffs. Once the microgroove is damaged, nothing will recover it.

High Tech G2 Fluid contains:

Surfactants: State of the art detergents dissolve and suspend fingerprints and other oily grime.

Super wetting agent: Reduces surface tension to reach the bottom of the groove. Spray G2 Fluid on a record you can see it spread down the grooves.

Emulsifiers: Holds the oils, dirt, mildew and microdust particles in suspension so the microfiber fabric cleaning pad wipes and pulls the dirt-filled solution from the record surface.

Laboratory grade, double deionized, carbon filtered & UV treated water: Carrier for the active cleaning ingredients. Eliminates static electric charges on the record's surface on contact.

NOTE: Carbon fiber brushes are non-absorbent and are not designed for wet cleaning. Use of G2 Fluid with a carbon fiber brush is not recommended.

The photos of the Splash Landing Record Mat are for illustration only. This Kit does not include the Mat. See the Splash Landing Record Mat listing to order it.

Designed and made by GrooveWasher™ in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

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