Lady Gaga - Fame (Vinyl LP)

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US only LP pressing of the debut album from the New York singer. On the Fame, it's as if Gaga took two parts Dance-Pop, one part Electro-Pop, and one part Rock with a splash of Disco and burlesque and generously poured it into the figurative martini glasses of the world in an effort to get everyone drunk with her Fame. 'The Fame is about how anyone can feel famous,' she explains. 'Pop culture is art. It doesn't make you cool to hate pop culture, so I embraced it and you hear it all over the Fame. But, it's a sharable fame. I want to invite you all to the party. I want people to feel a part of this lifestyle.' Universal. 2008.


  • -  -
  • 1 Shine a Little Light
  • 2 Eagle Birds
  • 3 Lo/Hi
  • 4 Walk Across the Water
  • 5 Tell Me Lies
  • 6 Every Little Thing
  • -  -
  • 1 Get Yourself Together
  • 2 Sit Around and Miss You
  • 3 Go
  • 4 Breaking Down
  • 5 Under the Gun
  • 6 Fire Walk with Me


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