Lord Huron - Strange Trails (Vinyl LP)

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Strange Trails, the highly anticipated Lord Hupon album released via IAMSOUND Records. Strange Trails is the follow up to Lord Huron's breakout debut Lonesome Dreams, which received widespread critical acclaim and was included in various 2012 'Best Of' lists. The new record was written and produced by frontman Ben Schneider and recorded at the band's own Whispering Pines studio in Los Angeles. Strange Trails is an anthology of weird fiction - a new collection of tales from the world introduced on Lonesome Dreams. Schneider explains, 'There's no direct narrative connection between the two albums. The stories here are separated by time, location and characters. Many of the themes have carried over and evolved.' Originally a musical and visual solo project by Michigan-native-turned-Angeleno Schneider, members now include Mark Barry, Miguel Briseno and Tom Renaud. After a pair of EPs, their debut album Lonesome Dreams was released in 2012, followed by extensive touring both stateside and abroad, as well as appearances at major festivals including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Firefly Music Festival, Newport Folk Festival and more.


  • 1 Love Like Ghosts
  • 2 Until the Night Turns
  • 3 Dead Man's Hand
  • 4 Hurricane (Johnnie's Theme)
  • 5 La Belle Fleur Sauvage
  • 6 Fool for Love
  • 7 The World Ender
  • 8 Meet Me in the Woods
  • 9 The Yawning Grave
  • 10 Frozen Pines
  • 11 Cursed
  • 12 Way Out There
  • 13 Louisa
  • 14 The Night We Met


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