Madlib - Beat Konducta In India Volume 3 (Vinyl LP)

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Third installment in Madlib's vicious Beat Konducta instrumental series. This time the good professor embraces the Indian nation for a new mutation in his never-ending search for the perfect beat. The sweet sounds of 60's and 70's Bombay soundtracks are all over this, but more on the obscure tip. Don't get it twisted - this is ain't no Sitar Beats comp, Ninja Tune's Bombay The Hard Way, or an Ananda Shankar sound. This is Madlib, people. He IS progressive hip hop, and has been for years. You know he wouldn't leave you with sounds already heard. 16 instrumentals, all worthy of some proper spitting, so be weary playing it around drunken backpackers. I already know people in the office are scoping it when they ask, "Is that going up today?" Yes it is, so I'd be on the ball for this one. For now check: "Indian Hump," "Onthatnewthing," "Indian Deli," "Dark Alley Incidental Music," "Early Party," "The Rip Off - Scene 3." Madlib, don't you ever take a vacation?



  • 1 Enter: Hot Curry
  • 2 Indian Hump
  • 3 Movie Finale
  • 4 Raw Tranquility Pt. 3
  • 5 Freeze
  • 6 Masala
  • 7 Onthatnewthing
  • 8 Indian Deli
  • 9 The Rumble
  • 10 Dancing Girls Theme
  • 11 Piano Garden
  • 12 Dark Alley Incidental Music
  • 13 Early Party
  • 14 Fifth Chant
  • 15 The Rip Off (Scene 3)
  • 16 Sitar Ride



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