Regrettes - Feel Your Feelings Fool! (Explicit, Vinyl LP)

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Feel Your Feelings Fool! Is an energetic, empowering romp of a debut that would feel more rebellious if not for the overly safe production. Still though, these are the sorts of instantly catchy, well structured pop songs that artists twice Night's age spend a lifetime wishing they could pen. - The production on Fool! #has the cleanliness you'd expect from a modern pop release, and while this makes for easy listening, the squeaky-clean cuts prove jarring next to the Regrettes' more lo-fi punk-leaning material. This may prove a turn-off for listeners who'll find these moments sounding too sanitized.


  • 1 I Don't Like You 2:46
  • 2 A Living Human Girl 2:37
  • 3 Hey Now 3:29
  • 4 Hot [Explicit] 2:40
  • 5 Seashore [Explicit] 3:28
  • 6 Juicebox Baby 1:51
  • 7 'Til Tomorrow 2:51
  • 8 Pale Skin [Explicit] 5:27
  • 9 Lacy Loo 2:53
  • 10 Head in the Clouds [Explicit] 2:03
  • 11 How It Should Be 2:37
  • 12 Picture Perfect 2:48
  • 13 Bronze 4:00
  • 14 Ladylike / Whatta Bitch [Explicit] 1:52
  • 15 You Won't Do 5:26




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