Role Model - Our Little Angel (Explicit, White Colored Vinyl LP)

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Role Model has shared his new EP 'our little angel'. The Maine-born, LA-based pop artist's latest six-track effort is now available on Milky White Vinyl, via Interscope. He says: "This sort of stemmed from 'alive'... that song felt like a middle finger to everything I've been through. I've accepted that this world is f***ed, that my brain doesn't work the way it's supposed to, that I'm not perfect... I've just learned to accept the imperfections, and I can only hope it will help others do the same."


  • 1 Alive
  • 2 For the People in the Back
  • 3 Blind
  • 4 Doyouseeit
  • 5 Going Out
  • 6 Better the First Time



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