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Vinyl LP pressing. One day they were a group of kids playing benefit shows for the fun of it. Now they've been a band for over a decade, sold more than a million records worldwide and redefined a genre for a generation. Silverstein will release the follow-up to it's album Rescue, which debuted at #37 on the Billboard's Top 200 Album Chart, with a record titled Short Songs, produced by Jordan Valeriote. The release will consist of twenty-two songs that showcase two different sides of the Canadian hardcore band - eleven original tracks and eleven covers.

  • 1 Sick As Your Secrets
  • 2 Sin & Redemption
  • 3 Sos
  • 4 Brookfield
  • 5 La Marseillaise
  • 6 World on Fire
  • 7 Sleep Around
  • 8 My Miserable Life
  • 9 Truth & Temptation
  • 10 One Last Dance
  • 11 See Ya Bill
  • 12 Short Songs
  • 13 236 E. Broadway
  • 14 Good Intentions
  • 15 Destination: Blood!
  • 16 Coffee Mug
  • 17 Xon Our Kneesx
  • 18 Scenes from Parisian Life
  • 19 It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite
  • 20 Quit Your Job
  • 21 The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink
  • 22 You Gotta Stay Positive



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