Tchami - Year Zero (Vinyl LP)

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Includes Alteranative Versions of Praise (feat. Gunna), Faith (feat. Marlena Shaw), and 2 additional tracks Heartless (Webster Hall ID Remix), From Back Then.




  • 1 Heartless (Feat. Chace)
  • 2 Proud (Feat. Daecolm)
  • 3 Toxic Love (Feat. Suburban Plaza)
  • 4 Buenos Aires Praise (Feat. Gunna)
  • 5 Shine on All on Me (Feat. Zhu)
  • 6 The Light Sweet Savage Monseigneur (Feat. Tony Romera)
  • 7 Rebirth (Feat. Stacy Barthe)
  • 8 Born Again
  • 9 Ain't That Kind of Friend
  • 10 Ghosts (Feat. Hana)
  • 11 Faith (Feat. Marlena Shaw)
  • 12 Damaged Hearts (Feat. Todd Edwards)
  • 13 Heartless (Webster Hall Id Remix)
  • 14 From Back Then


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