The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet (Vinyl LP)

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The Rolling Stones - "Beggars Banquet" - The Rolling Stones returned to their blues roots on 1968's Beggars Banquet, which was immediately acclaimed as one of their landmark achievements. A strong, acoustic Delta Blues flavor colors much of the album, particularly "Prodigal Son" and Jagger/Richards' "No Expectations." Basic rock 'n' roll is not forgotten with "Street Fighting Man" and "Sympathy for the Devil." The lyrical bite of the material ensured it's place as one of the best blues-based rock albums of all time. 180-gram vinyl.




  • -  -
  • 1 Sympathy for the Devil
  • 2 No Expectations
  • 3 Dear Doctor
  • 4 Parachute Woman
  • -  -
  • 1 Jigsaw Puzzle
  • 2 Street Fighting Man
  • 3 Prodigal Son
  • 4 Stray Cat Blues
  • 5 Factory Girl
  • 6 Salt of the Earth


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