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LP version. Akira Kosemura's In The Dark Woods combines the electronic and acoustic sounds of piano, Wurlitzer, and synthesizer with a string quartet, similar to the music heard on his previous improvisational solo piano work One Day from 2016. As indicated in the title, the entire album is filled with an obscure darkness and a world of misty sounds ever to be feared of, like a comfortable quietness in the dark where a child in the womb is hearing a mother's heartbeat. As the music goes on, it gradually begins to widen an introspective worldview. The combined sounds of repeated phrases, as seen in minimal music, a sophisticated crossover sound between acoustics and electronics, and an improvisational solo piano present a worldview suggestive of a broader theme, such as the circulation of life or the law of nature. The highlights on the album, "In The Dark Woods" and it's variations "Letter From A Distance", will leave listeners with deep emotions and afterglow. In The Dark Woods is released by 1631 Recordings and Schole Records.


  • 1 Dna
  • 2 Resonance
  • 3 Between the Trees
  • 4 Sphere
  • 5 Kaleidoscope of Happiness
  • 6 Inside River #1
  • 7 Inside River #2
  • 8 Shadow
  • 9 Dedicated to Laura Palmer
  • 10 Moving
  • 11 Snowy Sky
  • 12 Spark
  • 13 Innocence
  • 14 The Cycle of Nature
  • 15 Stillness of the Holy Place
  • 16 In the Dark Woods
  • 17 Letter from a Distance

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