Tetrao Urogallus - Tetrao Urogallus (180 Gram Vinyl LP)

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Tetrao Urogallus presents their eponymous proto-metal, psychedelic funk debut on Color Red with "Tetrao Ugogallus." The concept of the band was born as the title is Latin for 'wood grouse' and all subsequent tracks are Latin terms for flora and fauna. The mystical sounds in "Tetrao Urogallus" reflect a gloomy forest atmosphere through which the capercaillie makes it's daily rounds. Collaborators David Nesselhauf and Dennis Rux have worked together in several projects and the two are able to pursue their love for dark sounds, fuzzy guitars, and captivating brass sections in Tetrao Urogallus.

RELEASE DATE: 5/27/2022


  • 1 Tetrao Urogallus
  • 2 Barbarea Vulgaris
  • 3 Barbarea Vulgaris Recapitulat
  • 4 Gallus Major
  • 5 Euphorbia Helioscopia
  • 6 Sacrificium Crudelis
  • 7 Picea Orientalis
  • 8 Vipera Berus



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